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Study OLA is a service that provides important problem creation, problem solving, and diagnostic evaluation functions to teachers and students.

Study OLA is a tool that reduces teachers' workload and supports efficient class preparation. It saves time and increases work efficiency through automation functions such as problem solving. We provide practical value to learners and educators through subject-specific AI problem-solving technology.

Study OLA transforms the future of learning and education.

Study OLA transforms the future of learning and education. Study OLA's unique technology provides a unique learning experience for both learners and educators. For learners, the service focuses on providing convenient learning support and promoting self-directed learning to increase learning performance satisfaction, and for educators, it saves work time and improves work efficiency through problem assignment and automation functions that support efficient class preparation.

Study OLA discovers creative problems at the intersection of all disciplines.

In Study OLA, you input creative questions, images, and text to create your own special problems to improve your thinking skills. You can edit the problem you created and add LaTex using the LaTex editor. Additionally, you can add illustrations in question through AI image generation and modify them into desired images through the SVG editor. Use the problem more effectively by extracting it through the export function.