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Collegenie AI is a leading technology company specializing in providing innovative edtech technologies and deeptech IT services.

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Effective learning technology through Collegenie AI,
an innovator in education

As a traditional artificial intelligence company, our mission is to lead innovation in the educational sector and establish ourselves as front-runners in the global deeptech arena. We are accelerating our technology development and market expansion based on the capital structure and network strengthened by seed investment from SparkLab and strategic investment from Icecream Media.

Growth and Development

We have achieved continuous growth by graduating with excellent grades from the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center’s startup package, being selected for TIPS to undertake technical projects, and successfully being chosen for overseas startup packages and patent support projects.

Our Technologies Research and Collaboration

We are conducting joint research on advanced mathematics problem-solving techniques with the KAIST professor team and collaborating with Icecream Media and the Icecream Edu team in developing core technologies for digital textbooks.

Our Products

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This service provides important problem creation functions, problem solving, and diagnostic evaluation functions to help you create a more strategic and effective learning experience by automatically creating problems.

Nobody English

Currently focused on English learning, this language learning web app is planning to expand to more than five languages, offering users a tailored learning experience to enhance their linguistic skills.

Essay Fit

An AI-based US college admission essay analysis consulting service, where an AI agent performs the role of an actual admissions officer, providing multifaceted feedback and optimized admission solutions.

Team & Leadership

Teams and Leadership,
Expert at Collegenie AI

Composed of AI experts, subject matter experts, front and backend developers, our team leads the company's technology development and product innovation.

Innovative Technological Capabilities

Collegenie AI's innovative technological capabilities

Data Collection and Management Technologies

We collect data from various sources (text, audio, images, etc.) and ensure high-quality data through cleaning, refining, and labeling processes. We use high-performance database systems (SQL, NoSQL) to efficiently store and manage large volumes of data.

Development and Application of Large Language Models (LLM)

We fine-tune pre-trained models with domain-specific data to achieve optimal performance. We apply the latest techniques such as knowledge distillation and quantization to perform model lightweighting and optimization for real-time response.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technologies

We apply various NLP techniques such as text classification, sentiment analysis, and summarization to analyze text data. We build dialogue management systems for developing chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance customer interaction.

AI Integration and Application Technologies

We provide various workflow automation solutions such as automated document creation, report generation, and email response using LLM. We operate systems that provide insights necessary for decision-making through data analysis.

User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) Technologies

We design user-friendly interfaces to achieve high user satisfaction. We continuously improve the system based on user feedback collection and analysis.

Security and Ethics

We apply the latest technologies such as data anonymization and access control to protect user data privacy. We adhere to AI ethical principles to reduce bias and ensure fairness.

Cloud and Infrastructure Technologies

We utilize cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure for LLM training and deployment. We adopt and operate a microservices architecture to enhance scalability and maintainability.

Innovative technological capabilities

Based on these technological capabilities, our company is researching innovative technologies for business process improvement using LLM. We provide state-of-the-art solutions to secure competitiveness in the market.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Collegenie AI has established itself as a leader in innovation in educational technology, developing the world's first vision-based problem generation tool.

Investment Appeal

Our company is a pioneer in educational technology with the development of the world's first visual-based problem creation tool. This technology automatically generates problems that visually represent complex mathematical concepts and scientific theories, integrating them in real-time into the educational process. Additionally, our AI-powered video lecture material creation technology surpasses standard lecture formats by providing a customized learning experience that maximizes student comprehension.

Technical Value

Our problem creation technology leverages the latest advancements in AI, allowing educators to significantly reduce preparation time and provide individually tailored problems to students, thereby facilitating more strategic and effective teaching and improving educational outcomes.

Educational Value

Our technology enables learners to visually understand concepts and proceed at their own pace, overcoming the limitations of traditional text-based learning methods. This enhances learner engagement and motivation, maximizing educational effectiveness.

Market Performance and Prospects

The educational technology market is continuously growing, and our innovative products are increasingly expanding through partnerships with educational institutions worldwide. Our technology is revolutionizing traditional educational methods and has demonstrated potential for significant growth in the educational technology sector in the coming years.

Investment Opportunities

We are ready to grow with strategic investors during our current technology development and market expansion phases. Investors will have a unique opportunity to contribute to significant educational innovations through our company's technological strength and market position.